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Freequently Asked Questions

Why my website didn’t bring in any sales?

Website is an online image for your business, it doesn’t bring you sales. You need to advertise to get people make inquiry or buying from your website. It is same like your actual shop or office, actual shop doesn’t bring in sell either, people search or pass by may will buy from you. But what website is different from actual shop is visitor can visit your website 24 hours, your online shop will be always open for inquiry or selling products.

Web design has a lot of hidden costs!

Web design normally only consist of 2 cost only. First development fee and yearly renewal fee. The first-time development fee depends on what is your requirement. A normal corporate website without function costs around RM2800, then yearly renewal depends on the hosting package and domain you choose. 

I don’t have idea on what to add into my website.

Feel free to contact our sales team, we will assist and give your ideas on how to work out your own company website at your cost. We have several packages that may suit your needs, if other requirement we may discuss along to see whether it is needed or workable or not. You wish to grow your business, your thought always our priority.

What is Hosting and domain? I only want a website, the rest I don’t want.

Well, when you want to have a website for your business. First things you need to get is hosting and domain. Domain is just like an address for your shop, if you don’t have an address how people able to reach you? Hosting is just like your actual shop, when you don’t have a shop how you want to display your product? That is the reason why you need hosting and domain when you want to have a website for your business. 

Graphic design too expensive?

Graphic design normally charge based on your requirement and request for amendment. Normal packages only provide max 3-5 times amendment, more that that will be charge accordingly. That is why when you want to design something, you need to know what you want first and list out for your designer. Otherwise designer may not able to get your point and come out with a different outcome.

Can I maintain my website myself?

Yes you can. You will have your own access to your website backend to make amendment. Online training will be provided for you to maintain your website easily. Mean while, we will assist you if there is any problem met.

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